Barcelona, Spain, 18-19 May 2017 Celtic-Plus Event

Celtic-Plus Event 2017 was held on 18-19 May 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. The event was co-located with the EUREKA Innovation Week 2017, organized and hosted by the Spanish EUREKA Chairmanship at the Barcelona International Conventions Center.

CONVINcE participated and showcased five demonstrations:

Consumption measurement on a smartphone: How much does watching a video drain your smartphone battery? CONVINcE demonstrates power consumption measurements on a smartphone to show the energy impact of video streaming. Several scenarios regarding resolution and protocols can be compared.

GoGreen routing for video delivery in access networks: In future access networks, one of the main challenges is to reduce power consumption while preserving the Quality of Service (QoS). CONVINcE presents an energy-efficient routing algorithm, called GoGreen routing, for video delivery in access networks. This algorithm allows reducing the total network power consumption while preserving QoS by ensuring the requested bandwidth for video traffic. Energy saving comes from the computation of several paths providing a sufficient bandwidth, and then from the selection of the path showing the lowest power consumption.

Mobile terminal power consumption reduction: All forms of videos constitute over 80% of total IP traffic. Even a small power reduction in individual devices could lead to substantial energy savings. CONVINcE presents methods to reduce power consumption in video terminals. It is shown that, by using the selected techniques, substantial energy savings can be achieved in both terminals and network delivering the video. The reduction comes from more efficient coding of videos, applying energy saving techniques in the playback software and energy-savvy settings in terminals.

Energy Efficient multi-tier Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network (WMSN): WMSN can provide richer information for several applications that have vital scientific, social, and strategic relevance. These include, in wildlife, monitoring to determine guidelines for human/predator coexistence, monitoring airport areas, monitoring the conditions of affected people during a natural disaster, etc. CONVINcE presents techniques that can be applied to extend the battery life of such vital devices for a long period of time. Long battery life is achieved by putting the high power camera nodes into deep sleep mode; and using low power scalar sensor nodes for motion detection and waking up the camera nodes when needed.

Got Signal? All current commercial WiFi access points severely underutilize available bandwidth and only use a small fraction of the available capacity. This wastes power and energy. Fountain coding makes it possible to use almost all of the available theoretical capacity in an efficient manner. Fountain codes are erasure-resilient codes more appropriate here than error-correcting codes or retransmission techniques which are usually used. CONVINcE demonstrates how power can be saved and mobile device battery lifetime extended, by using fountain coding, smarter encryption and adaptive security over lossy wireless links.”