DGE (France)

The DGE – The Directorate General of Enterprises

The Directorate General of Enterprises (DGE) aims at developing competitiveness for industry and services, as a driving force for jobs. It improves the business environment for all firms, from very small businesses all the way up to major groups. In the frame of the Europe 2020 strategy, it stimulates innovation and R&D. It promotes cooperation between firms, especially SMEs, and public research, in particular through the competitiveness clusters national policy and the European initiative Eureka. It supports the development of digital economy and ICTs, which drives growth and competitiveness. It underpins the renewal of the fabric of businesses with suitable resources to power up business start-ups, transfers and takeovers. It proposes and implements financial and legal measures to encourage business start-ups and growth, especially for SMEs and mid-sized firms in industry, tourism, trade, self-employed professions, craft sector, business and personal services, and electronic communications. It encourages businesses to embrace sustainable development. Its recommendations are based on studies and close monitoring of the main economic sectors, its participation in the work of the European Union and observation of international best practices. It works with business representatives – professional organisations, chambers of commerce and industry, and small business support networks – to build shared analyses of the business climate in the different sectors and industries.

The information and communication technologies department

The department is briefed to hone the competitiveness of information and communication technologies (ICT) sector and ICT user sectors.

It :

  • Helps to draft national, European and international regulations for the telecommunications sector, prioritising the development of fixed and mobile high-speed broadband,
  • Supports industrial R&D and innovation in ICTs (cluster-based R&D projects, National Digital Society Fund calls for projects, Eureka clusters, etc.),
  • Encourages the spread of ICTs in businesses and the economy in general with the ICT & SME programmes, the Captronic programme and the Digital Transition programme.


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