Measurement Tool

Within the CONVINcE project a combination of an easy-to-use, plug and play desktop application and hardware unit for power measurement tool has been developed by Sony Mobile. This system analyzes the energy consumption through statistics and regression testing, directly in the desktop UI. It allows e.g. a software developer to see what drains the battery and in this manner reduce the power consumption of the measured device. The software can collect and sync Uart logs from your device and the current measurements, in real time.

Sony has publicly released a beta version of the desktop application, called Otii, that works hand-in-hand with the Power Profiler Kit from Nordic Semiconductor. The Otii application installs in a plug-and-play manner and runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Connected to the Power Profiler Kit through a regular USB cable, you get an intuitive tool for finding out what parts of your software that is the cause for certain power consumption behaviors.

The Otii application for Nordic Semiconductor Power Profiler Kit can be download from the Qoitech web site.